Friday, January 16, 2009

There is NO Denny, There is NO Denny (Say it with me now)

I've figured out how to make Grey's Anatomy good again. I simply ignore all contact and conversation between Izzie and Denny. It's that simple. It's actually getting easier each week; I think I've mysteriously trained my brain to ignore it and so tuning them out is rather simple.

That being said, I have to confess: I liked Grey's this week. Seriously.

Ignoring the Izzie breaking up with Dead Denny storyline (although, seriously, didn't you for just one moment wish, at the end of the episode, that Alex could see Denny too so that maybe he'd punch his lights out and send him back from whence he came?) I have to say, I'm liking the drama of the serial killer played by Eric Stoltz. I can't remember the serial killer's name so I'm just going to call him SK for now, ok?

Yes, it's farfetched and overly dramatic but it's working for me. I love that Meredith is continuing her journey from being dark and twisty to being a multifacited individual who can seperate herself from her boyfriend's wants and needs. I love that she's so torn about doing a kind thing for SK and knowing that he probably doesn't deserve it. I think that's a natural reaction; I mean, honestly, isn't wanting a serial killer to die still wanting to take a life, no matter how much the killer deserves it? That's a heavy issue and I'm not going to start a debate about the death penalty. Yet I think SK was right when he told Derek that they were two sides of the same coin. SK wanted to take the victim's life because it made him feel better, regardless of how twisted that is. He took his victim's freedom of choice away. Derek wants to save SK's life so that he can die by capital punishment, taking away SK's freedom of choice. It's different...but it's not.

I like that the show is making me think. What would I do? Would I be compassionate, like Meredith, treating SK like he's any patient or would I be like Derek, bitter and slightly self-righteous because of a personal tragedy that occured because of someone like SK?

I don't like that Sadie is trying to be sympathetic. She's going away though, thank goodness, according to several TV spoiler sites. Thank goodness; maybe we can get Meredith and Christina back on track.

Because, let's face it, they need each other. Tonight, Meredith had the terrifying task of meeting Derek's mother, even though she's 'not good with parents'. Christina got asked out on a date by Dr. Hunt. Normally, there would be scenes of angsty discussion where they snarkily exchange information that shows the deep bond that holds their friendship together. Instead, they had to turn to Izzie, which is NEVER a good idea. Izzie has terrible judgment. She falls in love with dying patients, cuts their LVAD wires, saves a deer in the parking lot instead of being inside the hospital, she breaks up marriages and declares herself to be in love with George when the only chemistry they really have is the momentum of the wrongness of their being together. Now she has Alex hooked, poor, emotionally stunted Alex who is trying harder than he's ever tried to be right for Izzie. She's trying, I'll give her that. She tried to kick Denny to the curb but he didn't go.

Yet she is no substitute as a friend for Christina or Meredith. Izzie is too perky, too sunshiny to be helpful to Meredith and too fluffy to help with Christina's romantic issues. Meredith and Christina need each other and I'm hoping that they realize that sooner than later because it's hard to watch them skate around one another, the tension so thick it's visible.

So, overall, it was a good episode, ignoring that Dead Denny stuff. I can't wait until next week, which is definitely a forgotten feeling with Grey's as of late. I want to see if SK really does save the life of little Jackson, whether even a serial killer can find redemption by saving a life. We'll have to see, I suppose.

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